Photovoltaic energy: all the benefits under the sun

The sun is a source of clean and renewable energy which, thanks to photovoltaic technology, can be used to produce free electricity without generating pollution. The problem remains the high cost of solar panels. Nevertheless, by doing some simple calculations it is clear that, despite this initial outlay, solar energy can benefit both your wallet and the environment.

An average Italian family of 4 uses approximately 4000 KWh of electricity per year: a basic photovoltaic plant can meet more than a third of this requirement (around 1500 KWh). National and local tax incentives are available and furthermore, photovoltaic panels have low maintenance costs. The investment made in a photovoltaic plant can be practically recouped in 5-10 years, subject to a projected life of approximately 30 years.

A high-quality photovoltaic plant is designed to be resistant to moisture and severe weather, including hail. It can be installed on the roof of a house, or the photovoltaic modules can function directly as a roof covering: in this case they are most effective from an aesthetic point of view. Photovoltaic plants are quick to install and produce no noise.

It is calculated that each kWh of photovoltaic energy generated in Italy equates to 500 grammes less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere: a notable contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect. Finally there is another advantage to consider: buying a photovoltaic plant promotes a sustainable economic activity, one which does not exploit resources that are nearing exhaustion such as fossil fuels.