Good news for the future of the planet

Renewable energy sources on the rise in Europe

Italy’s rate of increase in the use of renewable energy sources is among the highest in Europe. In the two-year period 2007-09, investments in renewable energy plants amounted to 6.5 billion euros, for a total output of approximately 4100 megawatts… arrow

The many benefits of sustainable packaging

Consumer demand for sustainable packaging is increasing: this is according to a report commissioned from Gfk by Pro Carton, based on a panel of 30,000 consumers… arrow

Thistle: a new energy source?

Southern Italy and, more generally, the entire Mediterranean area, may have discovered a new source of biofuels: thistle. This plant not only grows spontaneously, but has been traditionally cultivated as a vegetable since Roman times… arrow

Sustainable consumption: making important choices

What is the meaning of “sustainability” in terms of a consumer product or an industrial process? It is a word which is gradually replacing the terms “eco-friendly” and “eco-compatibility”, because it is conceptually broader and more comprehensive… arrow

Zero Waste: a target for the future of the planet

Zero Waste is the name of an industrial, economic and social strategy which originated in the United States at the end of the twentieth century. This way of thinking, manufacturing and living is based on the Rs… arrow