Simple tips for respecting the environment

Producing less waste: we can and we must

The incredible amount of waste which we produce and its repercussions on the ecosystem, as well as on the economy, represent a fundamental problem in Italy, Europe and the world … arrow

Photovoltaic energy: all the benefits under the sun

The sun is a source of clean and renewable energy which, thanks to photovoltaic technology, can be used to produce free electricity without generating pollution. The problem remains the high cost … arrow

A sustainable work environment

Adopting eco-sustainable practices, in the office and in other work environments, is essential for mitigating the environmental impact of various business activities, as well as reducing economic waste … arrow

Recycling: a source of clean energy

Nowadays we all try to minimise energy consumption in the house and at work, partly to save money and partly because we want to help reduce pollution… arrow

Making better and less use of the car

According to the 2010 “Bad Air” Report by Legambiente, in 2009 57 out of 88 Italian cities breached the legal limits for PM10, the “fine particles” produced by urban traffic… arrow