A sustainable work environment

Adopting eco-sustainable practices, in the office and in other work environments, is essential for mitigating the environmental impact of various business activities, as well as reducing economic waste and improving efficiency. An increasing number of large and small businesses are adopting these simple measures: a demonstration of responsibility, awareness and above all intelligence.

  • Waste-free lightingi: artificial lighting accounts for almost 45% of electrical power consumption in offices. Let’s try to use natural light as much as possible. Let’s use energy-efficient light bulbs and install timers or sensors to automatically switch off the lights in a room when they aren’t needed.
  • Efficient use of computers: by setting the system to go into standby during brief pauses and switching it off at the end of the day and over the weekend, we can reduce power consumption by up to 70% .By periodically replacing computers and other IT equipment we are guaranteed to make even bigger energy savings, thanks to continual breakthroughs in power saving technology.
  • Pollution-free printing: let’s get into the habit of printing as little as possible, using paper on both sides and favouring recycled chlorine-free paper. Toner cartridges are harmful to the environment and should therefore be disposed of properly. Toner cartridges are very polluting and should therefore be disposed of correctly. Finally, it may seem silly but let’s cut down on our use of metal staples. A study has revealed that if every UK office worker used one less staple a day, 120 tonnes of steel would be saved!
  • Office waste sorting: all it takes is a small space, some containers and the minimum of effort to separate paper, plastic and other waste at its source, just like we do at home.
  • Let’s rethink our travel arrangements: whenever possible, let’s go to work by bus or by bike, or share a car with colleagues. Sometimes even work meetings can be carried out via Skype or other videoconferencing systems, saving both time and energy resources.